Moving overseas for a new job is an amazing experience. The opportunities both in your social and career life can be tremendous. However, such a venture will always come with risks too. 
If nothing else, the process of packing up your house, flying to a new country and settling into a whole new place can be a huge financial commitment that will only pay off over time. 
On top of this, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has added a whole new set of risks and challenges when it comes to international travel and relocation. We explore a few of the most important considerations to make before moving overseas in the near future. 
1. Safety 
Safety is something that we can control (more or less) in environments and settings that we know well. And we all generally know where to go if we need help or support, in the event of injury or accident. 
When moving overseas, however, it might be harder to ensure safety without knowing the landscape well enough. For example, where are the nearest chemists, doctors and hospitals? What are the emergency contact numbers? Which areas present a greater risk? 
If you move during the pandemic, we recommend creating a kind of health and safety strategy that factors in these questions for your new location. 
1. How Will It Affect Your Job Prospects 
One major reason people move jobs is for career growth. However, making a career change during a time where unemployment and job loss is high can be a risky move. 
When considering your move abroad, you will have to balance the potential for career progression with the chance of losing job security. 
1. Distance from Family and Friends 
Are you prepared to be away from your family and friends? This can be a hard enough question to answer during normal times. Living on the other side of the world simply means you can't see your loved ones as often. 
However, with constantly changing travel restrictions and social distancing measures, it has become harder to plan for holidays and trips, which could further reduce your ability to see your family and friends once you’re overseas. 
4. Duration 
Moving is a disruptive life event. And this is compounded with the associated risks of moving during a global pandemic. So, deciding how it fits into your long-term plans is important. 
For many people with children, there's the issue of buying a home and raising a family. It’s important to consider whether these activities will be negatively impacted by a move abroad. 
5. Working from Home 
Finally, you might find that many companies are operating, but due to Covid-19, employees are working remotely. This could mean that you wouldn’t be required to go into a physical office space. 
This could make it incredibly hard to integrate into your new company and overall new country, even making it rather isolating in the long-term. 
Still Keen? 
If you’ve factored in many of these considerations and still feel the opportunity is worth the risk, we congratulate you. 
At Movers International, we’re dedicated to making our client’s lives simpler and would be happy to discuss how we can support your move during such a unique time. 
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