Making preparations for a move abroad? From learning new languages to applying for work visas and health insurance, we know that relocating internationally comes with many challenges and obstacles, in addition to the many rewards you’ll get from starting a new adventure. 
While there’s a limit to what we can do at Movers International in terms of helping you get set up in your new life, when it comes to the fundamentals of transporting your possessions to a new location, we can be your most trusted partner. 
For some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients, we’ve outlined some of useful answers for those relocating internationally. Below is an overview of a few things you should consider, but if you need some tailored advice for your circumstance, get in touch with us directly and we’ll help you pull together a moving plan. 
Should I Move My Possessions with Sea Freight? 
The most common and cost-efficient way to transport belongings to a new country is via sea freight. There are a number of international shipping companies that specialize in this service, including our own. 
To do this, we will arrange to send a container to your home. Our team will help you to pack up your items and fill the container before it is finalised for transport at the port. If you didn’t know already, this is one of the most difficult stages of the process and it can help to have some professional guidance when you’re trying to condense all your worldly possessions into a manageable amount. 
Do I Need to Pack Up All My Possessions? 
If you are unsuccessful at packing up all your things, or if you simply want to keep a certain amount of your items at home, you can arrange for storage. Typically, an agent at your international moving company can help you factor this into your moving plan as well as offer you a door-to-door service, with your items delivered safely to your new home. 
Depending on your shipping company, your container will be handed over temporarily to a carrier. During this time, it’s important that all the correct documentation is available and we highly recommend taking out the appropriate level of shipping insurance to make sure you are covered for any items that might become lost or damaged during transport. 
There are a few options available for freight shipment volumes. If you have enough items, you can purchase a full container service. Obviously, this will just depend on how much stuff you are moving. If you don’t have enough to fill a full container, your items can be allocated to shared containers. The prices will vary according to the policy of your shipping company. 
Should I Relocate Using Air Freight 
Shipping your items via air freight is less common due to the higher costs involved. Also, there’s usually a limitation on the weight of belongings that can be shipped via air freight as an airplane can only hold so much cargo. 
Nevertheless, if you need to receive something sooner in your new location, air freight is much faster and may be the only option to get your items to you in time. If you’re moving abroad at a short notice, this option can be incredibly useful, however, we recommend working with us as soon as possible to create your moving plan so you can always make the most of the cheapest options for your needs. With enough advance notice, your items can easily be delivered to you in time for you to start your new life. 
Can I Bring My Pets with Me? 
While moving with pets is never easy, moving internationally with pets is even more complicated. Firstly, the chances are good that your pet will require certain vaccinations prior to entry into the new country. You will need to research each specific country’s pet import laws. But how do you actually transport your animal from point A to point B? 
Once you’ve met all of the pet import guidelines, you’ll need to choose a transportation option. We recommend looking into different airline requirements and consulting with one of the many pet relocation services that specialize in this activity. 
Can I Ship My Car? 
Cars are typically transported via sea freight. If you decide to bring your car, we recommend getting in touch with us and inquiring specifically about this. Whether we are able to help you out directly or refer you to a partner, we’ll do everything we can to integrate your car’s delivery into your moving plan. 
When doing this, remember that each country has its own licensing requirements and guidelines for operating vehicles. It might be easier to sell your car and buy a new one in your new country if there are any laws or regulations that will make it difficult for you to operate your car locally. 
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