Leaving behind unnecessary items when relocating abroad is one of the best pieces of advice to take on board. We explore the 5 key things that you can leave at home so that your move is decluttered, cheap and positive. 
We handle a great many Lisbon, Porto and Algarve removals to Portugal and can impart some wisdom based on the experience our many customers have had during the very same activity you are about to embark on. 
1. Food 
You can get almost anything you need no matter where you are in Europe, thanks to Amazon and international shipping. You might want to bring your favourite products from home, but remember that this will take up a lot of space. 
Also, if food products spill out into your boxes or bags you can damage your other items like furniture or artwork. In general, food does not really travel well across the oceans and each country will have its own rules and restrictions regarding importing food items. 
We’d say that if you don’t need it, don’t bother packing any food items. The food in Portugal is so great (and so cheap) that you won’t be deprived of many amazing food options when you get there. 
2. Preconceptions 
It’s good to have a vision of what your future life will be like, but it’s also crucial that you keep it relatively loose in terms of your new living situation and how you’ll integrate with the culture. Even if you’ve been on holiday to Portugal many times, living there is different. Prepare to embrace a period of learning and “getting to know” your new place when you arrive. 
Approach your new country and its new culture with an open mind and respect and it will benefit you in the long run. Learning to adapt and adjust to a new environment is a vital skill for any expat. 
3. Toiletries 
Like food, most toiletries should be bought in your new country rather than shipped or brought with you before you even get there. Toiletries can be bought worldwide, with many popular brands being available in department stores. Adding them to your shipping cargo will only cost you unnecessarily. 
4. Clothes 
Clothes are hard to leave behind for many expats. However, moving abroad is the perfect opportunity to finally clean out your wardrobe and rid yourself of older items. Bringing less with you will give you a certain amount of freedom and release that’s hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it yourself. 
Again, Portugal is not lacking in this department, so you’ll have a penalty of opportunities to create a whole new wardrobe you love. Giving your old stuff to charities will also feel great and add some positive energy to your moving momentum. 
Anything you can’t fit in your pocket or a bag should be left at home. With a few exceptions, it’s best not to transport things like microwaves, TVs or toasters. You’ll risk breaking them during transit and you can easily get replacements in your new country. 
Ask Us for More Moving Advice 
If you’re in need of Algarve removals to Portugal, or any other popular destinations in this wonderful country, we might be the best people to ask for advice when it comes to all things moving and shipping related. Get in touch with us at Movers International for help with your next move. 
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