Saving money is always important, but when it comes to relocating overseas and arranging international removals, every penny saved is crucial. For new movers, the total costs always end up being considerably greater than first predicted. 
As well as the unforeseen costs that quickly add up, the overall stress and fatigue can lead to poor spending choices that you may not have factored into your initial budget. We explore a few great ways to save money when moving overseas. 
1. Move to a Cheaper Country 
If you are still in the process of deciding where to move, or if you have some options to choose between when reviewing internal positions at your company, don’t underestimate the value of moving to a cheaper country. 
Obviously, this isn’t practical advice for everyone, but if you have the privilege of being able to control where you set yourself up next, remember that prices vary considerably even within the EU when it comes to the cost of property, food, entertainment, and general amenities. 
2. Advance Planning 
When you know where you’re going, try to give yourself as much time for advance planning as possible. 
Always start the process early to find ways to reduce costs and avoid costly last-minute decisions. 
For example, starting the packing process months in advance can help you cut down on items you need to ship and store, while this added time will also help you find the best storage prices in your area. 
3. Choose Affordable Shipping and International Removals 
The cost of shipping your items overseas can be one of the most expensive parts of the whole relocation process. The best way to reduce costs here is to start planning early and identify exactly how much you need to ship and what kind of services you require. 
When you know this, spend some time searching for the most affordable options on the market. But just remember not to simply choose the “cheapest” option you can find. Reliability and predictability can often save you more money than a cheap service that will deliver your goods late and require you to pay out for temporary furniture or short-term essentials when you first move in. 
4. Make Some Extra Cash for Moving Costs 
Offsetting moving costs by making some extra money is a great way to save. 
This can involve selling unwanted items that you uncover during your packing process in a second-hand sale, or even renting out a room of your house while you’re going through the process of relocating. 
5. Work With Professionals 
At Movers International, we would say that the number one way to save money is to work with professional experts who can help you complete the relocation process with minimal hassle from finish to end. 
Taking the guesswork out of the process can save you a huge amount of stress and money when trying to get settled in your new home. Get in touch with us for moving quotes or advice on how to save money during your next relocation. 
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