Moving to Spain is a wonderful experience for many families and individuals. At Movers International, we’ve witnessed thousands of people relocate here to take advantage of the many amazing attributes the country and culture has to offer. However, even for the most seasoned of travellers, this process can take some getting used to! 
spainBe Realistic When Planning 
One of the best ways to adjust to life in Spain, or any other country for that matter, is to get things off to a good start. Having all the important logistics in place for your new life will make a massive difference when it comes to adjusting to a new culture. 
At Movers International, we’ve helped a great deal of individuals and families get their initial steps in Spain right. Whether it’s planning and packing up your home in the UK, or handling storage and delivery to your new destination, we like to offer extra support so you can focus on the important challenges ahead. 
To achieve this, we recommend being realistic when planning and making the necessary preparations ahead of time, such as arranging temporary accommodation if necessary, and packing up your home in a practical way so you can immediately access your essential items as soon as your possessions arrive. 
Acknowledging the Change 
We’re not saying that the Spanish way of life isn’t perfect for you, but when moving to any new country, you have to acknowledge the large change you are putting yourself through. And this can be even greater when you’re moving your whole family. 
Even if you’ve been planning your move for a long time, living in a country that is different to your own can put your body and mind under a unique kind of strain. Often known as culture shock, it can lead to negative feelings caused by the frustrations or challenges you might face in your daily life. 
Often, these feelings are only temporary. As long as you stick with it, you’ll find yourself adjusting to your new setting, and even growing to love all the subtle (and major) differences you encounter each day, including the way people behave and communicate. 
Understand the Small Differences 
Often the small differences between people or countries cause people to feel uncomfortable or frustrated. However, knowing that these are just a fact of life and being empathetic about other people’s behaviour and values will help you to integrate these new changes more smoothly. We’ve listed a few subtle differences you’ll encounter when moving to Spain. 
What Time is Dinner? 
The Spanish like to eat later than Brits or even other Europeans. Generally, they will eat much later at lunch or dinner. This might seem small, but it will impact how you plan your day, whether you’re arranging family dinner, arranging a meeting with colleagues or organising a social event! 
Is Siesta a Real Thing? 
Shops and businesses will operate at times you might not be used to. Firstly, most stores will be shut on Sunday, public holidays and during ‘siesta’ time, which is around 2-5pm. This can be challenging if you’ve planned to do something particular during these hours and find yourself inconvenienced, whether you need to go for a haircut, pick up groceries or book a doctor’s appointment. 
Where’s My Waiter? 
Levels of customer service differ greatly between countries. This isn’t to say that service is poorer, but there is a more relaxed attitude among waiting, bar and restaurant staff when it comes to serving patrons. You may find yourself waiting a bit longer before someone comes to the table and asks you for your order. 
Hablas Inglés? 
The most obvious difference when moving to Spain is that people will expect you to speak a certain level of Spanish. While you may have gotten away with basic phrases and asking for help in English during holidays, actually living in Spain permanently will require you to have a strong base of Spanish. 
Professional Moving Advice and Support 
For more moving advice and tips on how to create an effective Spain removals and relocation plan, get in touch with one of our friendly professionals at Movers International. 
Through our vast experience helping people relocate to various destinations in Spain, we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge we like to share with all our clients to help make their move easier and stress-free. 
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