Many people move to Portugal each year from the UK. Natural beauty, cheaper house prices, and amazing culture are just some of the draws. 
Uncertainty about the UK’s economic future, as well as growing dissatisfaction with decisions made by the government, have also led some to seek greener pastures. While others, admittedly, simply desire a warmer and more affordable place to retire. 
Recently, however, an increasing number of British people are concerned about their plans to move to Portugal (or other parts of Europe) after Brexit, when the UK is no longer in the EU. 
Living and Working Abroad 
The most important concern for many is that UK expats could find it more difficult to work in the EU if host countries ask them to comply with more restrictive rules related to residence status, visas, and business permits. 
For many years, we have had an automatic right to live and work in the EU. British people have been entitled to live and work in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and many other countries without a visa. But this may all change due to the future agreements between the UK and the different member nations in the EU. 
Post-Brexit, each country will theoretically have the ability to change their own visa rules and requirements for UK citizens, just like they can for any non-EU nation. This could mean new eligibility tests that assess whether individuals are allowed to reside. 
Many believe that the rights of UK citizens won’t change too drastically in the next few years, and mutually beneficial agreements will be drawn up between Britain and most EU nations. 
However, those currently living in Europe may lose certain benefits, such as healthcare. The ownership of property is not likely to be affected, but access to public services like schools could also change. 
All these things are relatively uncertain until the final agreement is agreed between the UK and the different nations of the EU. 
So Is It Still Possible? 
It will still be possible to move to Portugal whether that’s next year or in several years, just like it’s technically possible to move to further away destinations such as Singapore or Japan. Yet, the nature of your status in the country, as well as the requirements for moving there, could be quite different. 
For those who plan in advance, do their research, and secure jobs or property before moving, there shouldn't be too much of an issue moving to Portugal in the near future, but it is always worth tracking all the possible issues and challenges you might face in the aftermath of Brexit, as things continue to develop. 
Removals to Portugal 
At Movers International, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people move overseas and arranging removals to Portugal. If you’re considering relocation here, let us know and we’ll happily inform you of everything we can about how to achieve a successful move to Lisbon, Porto or any other amazing destination in Portugal. 
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