Despite the fact that we are no longer in the EU, many people who live in Britain choose to move to a European country for one reason or another. We all see figures telling us about how many immigrants there were last year (around 745,000) but quite a lot of people also leave the UK to live abroad. 
Figures for the year to June 2023, according to Synergy Immigration Solutions, show that 508,000 people left the UK. Some will have gone to countries such as the US or Australia, but both France and Spain figure in the top five destinations. So, if this is your choice, then there will be quite a number of other expats there as well. 
Both Spain and Portugal are popular for retirees. This is because many of us go there year after year for holidays in the sun, and so it seems a very natural thing to want to retire there when it is time to collect that pension. 
If you are among this ½ million people every year, then you will need to choose from some European removal companies to carry out the move for you. So, how do you choose the best European removal company in order to ensure a stress-free move and that all of your belongings arrive at your destination in perfect condition? 
A Lot Of Experience 
Obviously, the first thing to look for is a company that has plenty of experience moving people to Europe. You don’t really want Jim Smith and his mate Bob Saunders who have just bought a van and set up in business because they like going to European countries themselves. Moving a complete home of belongings requires expertise. That is true whether it is moving to Europe, moving across the town, or moving to Australia. 
Packing and moving precious items requires a certain skill which has to be learned. But it is not just about packing. There is also Customs to deal with, which requires a knowledge of what each country will, and more importantly won’t, allow to be brought into their country. 
Not only that, but you need a removal company that understands, and is familiar with, the country to which you are moving. For instance, some areas of France up in the mountains have very narrow roads and cannot accommodate a large removal van. You need a company that knows about this sort of thing and can swap your belongings into smaller vans in order to cover those last few miles. 
So, there is a lot more to moving to Europe than might appear at first glance. Let’s just say that not all European removal companies are the same. 
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