The moving process works differently for short, local journeys compared to hauling across the country (or world!). 
For local gigs, it'll just be the movers and their truck showing up. Load it up, drive it over, done and dusted. 
But long-distance moves? Oh boy. Get ready for some coordination! 
For these epically long hauls, your belongings get loaded into a giant shipping container and driven/shipped to your new home base. It's a much more complex operation involving trucks, ships, trains - the whole transportation shebang. 
Be prepared for things to take a few weeks door-to-door. Clear communication and tracking are key so your stuff doesn't get lost in transit! 
Special Tips for Moving Offices 
When entire offices or companies need to relocate, there's a whole extra layer of complexity. You're talking about moving tons of workstations, filing cabinets, tech equipment and more. It's not just dealing with someone's household items. 
For these commercial jobs, you'll want furniture moving companies like us who specialise in office moves and understand things like: 
- Disassembling and reassembling cubicles/workstations properly 
- Carefully packing and transporting all those electronics and files 
- Efficient set-up at the new office to minimise downtime and productivity loss 
International Household Moves 
Maybe you're not just changing cities, but legit moving to a whole new country! How exciting...and logistically nightmarish! 
This is where experience with international moving protocols becomes crucial. You need furniture moving companies like us who have handled tons of overseas moving projects before and can nail stuff like: 
- Customs regulations and paperwork 
- Dealing with import taxes and duties properly 
- Having facilities and crews in multiple countries to handle every leg 
- Expertly packing items for long overseas shipping journeys 
DIY Moving? Reconsider! 
Some folks consider renting a truck and moving everything themselves to save money. This is one area where doing it yourself is a really bad idea: 
First off, lifting and carrying heavy furniture is no joke if you're not properly trained. You can easily injure your back trying to be a hero. 
Navigating a ginormous moving truck is also way harder than you'd imagine if you're not experienced. Not something you want to learn by trial and error with your valuables! 
Proper packing materials and wrapping? Disassembling big furniture pieces correctly? Loading and distributing weight properly? Plenty of room for rookie mistakes that can lead to damage. 
And then actually driving a truck piled high for hours or days while towing a car behind? Total nightmare fuel. 
So do not DIY. Call us today. 
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