At Movers International we are often asked about the cost of removals to Spain. This is partly because very many people when they retire decide to move to Spain – which in itself is no bad thing because it is a lovely country and much of it has a superb climate. 
However, there are some people who think that the cost of removal to Spain is a standard rate, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. There are three main factors which can affect the cost, and they are the amount of space that you take up on one of the Movers International vehicles, the type of packing and wrapping service that you require, and whether or not you need any storage either in the UK or in Spain itself. 
Let's look at these individually. The amount of space you are going to take up obviously depends on how much furniture, clothing, and other belongings that you wish to take with you. Think about it for a minute: are you going to take your car? If so, that is a pretty large item, although you could drive it down to Spain yourself. Either way, there are certain regulations to be taken into consideration. You could need a whole van, or you might need a container. Then again, you might only need a part container. 
This is why we provide a completely free, no obligation, home visit so that we can assess the amount of volume that you have, and only then can we provide an accurate estimate. One of our trained and experienced consultants will be able to assess your volume. 
The next thing is packing. Certainly, you may wish to pack everything yourself and that is entirely your choice. However, if you have antiques and valuables – or even if you don't – you may prefer to have us pack for you, because we are professionals and we know how to pack things so that they don't suffer damage in transit. Obviously, having us pack for you will cost more, but at least you know your belongings will be safe. 
Then there is the question of storage. If you require storage in Spain, we have depots in Malaga and Alicante where we can store things for you. If you are buying new furniture here and are going to ship it to Spain, we provide a full month's storage free of charge at our Preston depot. 
So the short answer to the cost of removal to Spain is "it depends." For an accurate quotation call us on 01772 651570 or email 
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