Want to keep your cool during this big change? Just stay on top of the nitty-gritty stuff. That means finding a trustworthy crew to haul your precious things to your new pad. But how do you pick the BEST European movers who treat your stuff like gold? 
Now, let's get real for a second. Some shady European removal services might take your cash and vanish, demand more dough before unloading, or worse! The big scams sometimes make the news, but the smaller ones fly under the radar. We do not want you to be the victim of such scams, you choose us or not. 
Here's the scoop to help you find your perfect moving match. 
1. Determine your moving schedule and needs. 
Moving abroad requires a great deal of planning. You'll need to find a new home, arrange insurance coverage, obtain a visa and more. That will only cover the fundamentals of your relocation! 
As a result, you should budget between three and six months to organise your move and have everything in order. This can help you plan your move and choose what services you require from a removal firm. 
2. Look for accreditation. 
The majority of UK-based removal companies will be members of a trade group or association. These organisations serve to regulate removal procedures and provide accreditation to their members. So be on the lookout for this. 
The British Association of Removers (BAR) is the most popular organisation among removal businesses. We are proud members of this organisation. 
Companies that have registered with BAR must: 
● Deliver work that satisfies the industry's quality and safety standards. 
● Offer guaranteed booking spaces for advance payments. 
If something goes wrong during a removal task, contact independent dispute resolution centres. 
If you come across a corporation that is registered with the BAR, this is a really good sign. 
3. Determine the size of a company. 
There are now thousands of removal businesses operating in the UK. However, some organisations are larger than others, which has an impact on the number of resources available. 
Organisations like ours have more trucks and removal workers on our payroll. As a result, we can take on more jobs at once, perhaps giving us a competitive advantage over smaller businesses. 
Furthermore, larger businesses are generally more established. This suggests they have a lot of experience providing excellent service to clients. 
Get in touch now that you have picked your European removal service provider. 
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