International moves are expensive. Whether you're trying to negotiate a relocation package with your employer or looking for direct quotes from third-party shipping providers, the cost of moving so far away can soon add up. 
If you are planning a relocation and are worried about the container shipping costs when working with international shipping companies, we’ve collected a few pieces of advice. Here are some things you can do to save money on international removals. 
Reduce Your Shipping Load 
Before talking to anyone about shipping costs, you should first reduce the amount of stuff you actually need to move. Container shipping costs differ greatly depending on the total volume of items you need to transport. 
Often, families simply bring far too much with them overseas and find that they could have easily halved their costs by simply buying new items when they reached their destination. Things like sofas, TVs and bookcases can all be bought when you get there and shipping these items can be incredibly expensive, not to mention inefficient. 
The less you take, the less your move will cost. If you can, leave some previous items with relatives or in a cheap storage locker and buy what you need in your new home. This means you don't have to spend money on new items to furnish a house if you end up coming back. 
Ship Using the Right Method 
Depending on how much stuff you have, and how quickly you want it, sea freight or air would be the right option for you. While air is faster, it is typically more expensive for large items. However, sea freight might take longer. You can also try road freight and check whether it’s cheaper and more suitable for your route of transportation. 
The important thing is to check first before you choose any specific methods and try to book a slot as far in advance as possible. You don’t want to have to pay for air freight for all your items simply because you left it too late and need to ship your items in a matter of weeks. 
Pack Your Stuff Up Properly 
Each country has its own specifications and requirements as to restricted and prohibited items and other quarantine concerns such as packaging material or even dirt on items may affect what will and won't be accepted on entry. 
You should also check which materials and items are allowed to be imported to your chosen country, and also consider whether there are restrictions on any medication. 
Even items you may not have considered could be deemed too dangerous or flammable due to their coating chemical. If in doubt, ask your removal company for advice or a copy of the customs requirements for your destination. 
Work with a Reliable Shipping Company 
Always look for highly recommended international shipping companies. At Movers International, we pride ourselves on being recommended by our past customers and do our utmost to give you a service that you’ll one day recommend to others in the future. 
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