If you’re moving to Spain, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to get all your precious items to your new home. We’ve outlined the basics of moving your personal items to Spain. 
Transporting belongings, whether it is small personal items or large pieces of furniture or decorative items, requires careful thought. The big mistake is expecting that you can move your entire life thousands of miles without some substantial thought and planning. It’s not going to happen overnight! 
Shipping items to Spain 
Generally, you will need to ship items to Spain with an international removals company. If you choose an organisation that is fully accredited, this should be relatively painless. However, if you opt for amateurs, it could involve a range of different complications and setbacks. Therefore, shipping so Spain, whether you are using a company that uses road trucks or shipping containers, can be achieved without too much hassle. 
How do I find a shipping company? 
Depending on the location you are shipping to, there will be certain companies who specialise in this task. There are number of firms who have reliable reputations for delivering items to Spain, which you can find online or through checking review jobs and forums. 
Before deciding on particular international moving companies, gather a number of quotes from international removal companies and then decide on what service is best for you. Companies will often offer several options, including services that offer packing that can be completed by their staff. Alternatively you can pack the goods yourself if you wish. 
How does the process work? 
The process may differ depending on the agency that you choose to handle your relocation, as well as the location you have chosen to move to. As you are moving to Spain, removals can be conducted via road freight rather than sea freight. 
If you are transporting a significant amount of goods and items, then a dedicated vehicle will be stationed at your home while you pack up your house. This same truck will be sent to your destination by road. Other methods involve companies packing up your items and keeping them in storage until you are ready to leave, or until a designated date when the items are transported. 
Do I need any special paperwork for Spain? 
There are a number of requirements when moving to Spain and whether or not you will need special paperwork will be dependent upon whether you are a Spanish citizen or coming from an EU country. Check with your company PRO or the latest government regulation about what kind of papers you will need. 
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