Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things that we ever do in our lives, largely because there are just so many things to take care of, and there is the constant worry that we might have forgotten to do something that is vitally important. We create a list and then find that on that list there are things to do which need sub-lists. Not only that, but if you have a moving date, you are also constrained by the fact that everything – and we do mean everything – has to be completed by a certain date. 
All of this is bad enough if you are just moving across Preston or across Lancashire, but if you are moving to a different part of the country, it is even more difficult. If you are moving to another country entirely then you have the worry that if you forget something you can’t just hop in the car and come back to sort it out. You have cut your ties entirely. 
However, if you are going to move to an entirely different area or country, one of the recommendations is that you should rent a property in your destination of choice to start with, and then you can spend some time getting to know the area and finding your new home. This makes sense, because it buys you time and there is no rush to find the perfect property. 
When you are going to move home, there is another thing that you need to do and that is to assess all of your belongings and get rid of everything that you will no longer need. We all collect a lot of “stuff” over the years, and now is the time to sort it out and cut down on the number of things that you need to move. Apart from any other consideration, the less you take with you the less your move will cost. Sometimes it can be tough making the decisions, but it makes sense. This writer has mentioned before that on one occasion when he moved home, he put a lot of stuff into the garage at his new house. Six months later, he hired a skip to get rid of most of it! 
Book Your Moving Date With Us As Early As Possible 
Once you have your moving date, you need to book with a removal company as soon as you possibly can because removal companies like ourselves do get booked up quite a bit ahead, and Murphy’s Law will ensure that if you only have three or four weeks before you move out, the removal firm of your choice will be booked up on that date. 
Of course, many people who move home decide to throw out a lot of old items and buy new furniture, and so on. At Movers International we can help you here because we provide free storage in Lancashire for your belongings for up to four weeks. This is perfect when you have to move out before your new home is ready because we will store all your belongings on our premises in secure wooden containers that are dry and pest-free. 
If you are buying new items, you can have the seller deliver to our storage in Lancashire and we will look after them until the day of your move. 
When it comes to packing your belongings for your move, you may choose to do it yourself. However, we always recommend using our specialist packers to pack your goods because packing correctly is a skilled job, and when we do it we ensure that your goods won’t move around during transit. 
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