Posts from May 2021

If you are going to pack up and leave the UK and move to France, you are by no means alone. It is a very popular destination, even after Brexit, with some people heading for the Mediterranean and all the sun and wonderful weather that goes with that, while others head for one of the small villages in the Alps. Either way, there is a lot to do by way of planning for the big day. 
Although our name is Movers International, and we can move you to anywhere in the world, we know that not everyone is going to move overseas. Indeed, many people move within England or Wales, some just move across the county, and others will just move across town here in Preston. It doesn’t matter: we can take you to wherever you want to go. 
Despite the fact that we have had Brexit, and whatever you may say about Emmanuel Macron and his views about our virus vaccines, there are still people who will want to move to France, either when they retire, or just for the culture and the people that they have discovered on holidays to the country. 
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