Posts from May 2022

Many people in the UK decide to move overseas for one reason or another. For people who are due to retire, many want to be in a country where the sun shines. For others, they may need to move abroad for business reasons. Whatever the reason, a very popular destination indeed is France. Perhaps because this is our nearest neighbour on the continent, and perhaps because they have been there for holidays and just love the atmosphere. 
People who live in the UK love nothing more than taking their two weeks summer holiday, getting on a plane, and flying off to somewhere where the sun always shines. This is true wherever you live, even in the Southeast where it is sunnier than in other parts of the country. But for those in the North, or in Scotland, being able to sit on a beach for two weeks doing pretty much nothing certainly has its’ attractions. 
Many Britons have gone on holiday to Portugal during the course of their lives, and, indeed, many go there every year. This is especially true in the case of the Algarve on the Atlantic coast where you can have two weeks of solid sun, and something which appeals to many men, and that is golf. The Algarve has 35 golf courses, including some of the best in Europe. 


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