If you are going to pack up and leave the UK and move to France, you are by no means alone. It is a very popular destination, even after Brexit, with some people heading for the Mediterranean and all the sun and wonderful weather that goes with that, while others head for one of the small villages in the Alps. Either way, there is a lot to do by way of planning for the big day. 
Moving to France is a bit different from moving within the UK. This is even more so now that we are no longer in the EU. In that sense, France is a foreign country, because many things have changed. Where you didn’t need a visa to move freely around the EU, you now do. But the good news is that it is still perfectly possible to move to France if you want to, and as a UK national you can stay in France for longer than 90 days at a time. You can also live in France for 1 year to 4 years and also apply for permanent French residency. 
If you need to stay in France for a couple of months you don’t need a visa. If you need to stay in France for 3 – 6 months in any year, you can apply for a temporary visa. A temporary long stay visa is usually issued for a year and may in certain circumstances allow you to work there too. The long stay visa can also be issued for longer than a year by agreement. 
In order to apply for permanent residency, you need to apply for a Carte de Sejour. There are different types of Carte de Sejour, but the only things which have really changed after Brexit are that you now need to have a minimum income of €1,250 a month and you need to be able to speak French to Level A2. However, this is really only what you might call “holiday French”. Certainly, Brexit has made the application process a bit more complicated, and a bit more expensive too. There are just some bureaucratic hurdles to overcome in the way of more forms to fill out. That aside, it is perfectly possible to live in France and enjoy your warm evenings sitting in the sun with a glass of Beaujolais and biscuits with Brie. What’s not to like? 
If you have made the decision and need removal to France for the long term, then at Movers International we’ve got your back. We have been moving people to France for over 30 years and we know the country just as well as we know the UK. It may seem, to some extent, “foreign” to you, but to us it is just a continuation of the UK – albeit with a chunk of water in between us. 
Indeed, not only do we constantly move people to France, but we also have regular runs there every week. That means that if you need to move anything from a small carton to a few boxes, they can go on one of the weekly trips, and you will save a lot of money because we are going there anyway: all you pay for is the amount of space that your goods take up on the van, and maybe a diversion of a few miles or so. 
So, whether you need a full house – or even a business – removal to France, we can help you. Just call us with your requirements and we will give you a firm quote. 
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