At Movers International, based in Preston, we are the foremost international movers and packers in the UK and have been in the removals business for over 30 years. No matter where your final destination is, we can get your goods and belongings there with no fuss, on time, and in perfect condition. 
We understand that moving overseas can be a major stress, and our object is to relieve you of that and give you the peace of mind that you need and deserve. Moving home is always stressful, even if it is only across Preston, but moving overseas can make matters far worse. 
On the one hand you have the excitement of going to live in a new country, but on the other you have all the worry about how your possessions are going to be delivered and – most importantly – whether they will arrive in one piece. 
This is the reason that we place emphasis on our ability as packers. Certainly, if you wish to pack your belongings yourself, then that’s your choice. However, our packers are the experts when it comes to ensuring that everything is secure and not going to slip and slide about. This is vitally important when it comes to packing valuable antiques, paintings, and similar items. However, things such as a china tea-set or set of cut-glass whisky tumblers need just as much care. They may not be so valuable from the point of view of replacement cost, but they may have a great perceived value to you. You still want them to arrive intact. 
If you are moving to the continent – Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and so on – then we will be in charge of your possessions the whole way as they will be delivered on our own removal vans. Indeed, we make regular weekly runs to some continental countries, and we even have our own depots in Alicante and Malaga in Spain since we go there so often. Our drivers are well-versed in driving on the continent and know the roads as well as those here in Lancashire. 
If you are going further afield – Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or anywhere else, then as international movers and packers we ship your goods with the appropriate shipping line or air freight, and using our partner companies at your destination for the final delivery by road. 
Of one thing you can be certain: wherever you are going, we will get your possessions there safely. 
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