Many people in the UK choose to move abroad for many different reasons. Maybe it’s the British weather, maybe it’s for work reasons, and in a lot of cases it could be that it is just so much cheaper to live in many other countries than it is in the UK. 
Be that as it may, probably the favourite country for many Brits is Spain, but hot on its’ heels is Portugal. At Movers international, we are well aware of that, because we undertake regular Portugal removals for people who love the sun and the laid-back way of life. 
Not only that, but Portugal wants you to move there. The workforce in Portugal was heavily depleted between 2011 and 2016 because of heavy emigration, and now the government is welcoming foreigners to go and live in their country with open arms. 
The Algarve Is Very Popular 
One of the most popular destinations in Portugal is the Algarve. Right on the Atlantic coast, the weather is great, but not too hot because you get a cooling breeze off the ocean. We carry out a considerable number of Algarve removals to Portugal. The food is lovely, and there is superb fresh fish caught just off the coast, including sardines (the Portuguese are mad about sardines) and cod. On Christmas Eve they eat Bacalhau com todos which means “salted cod with everything”. 
They also love their wine. Of course, port is made in the Douro region of the country, but they have vineyards everywhere producing a range of red and white wines. Happily, they also produce over 50% of the world’s cork, as the best cork oak trees also happen to grow in the Algarve. 
But whether you want Algarve removals to Portugal or you are moving to a different part of the country, we can get you where you need to be. If you are moving home permanently, then you will want a full van, but we also run regular trips to Portugal every couple of weeks, so if you only need to move a handful of items, they can go on one of those. 
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