Notwithstanding the fact that the UK has now left the EU, and that the final transition period is over, there are still any number of British people who are keen to go and live in Spain. The weather is so good compared with parts of the British Isles, with sun for an average 320 days a year, and for the golf enthusiast a wide choice of professional golf courses at which to play. Then there is the Spanish food and wine, and the whole rather laid-back way of life – manana, manana! No wonder that so many Brits decide to retire there. 
However, there is always the little matter of the actual physical removal to Spain to take into account before you can lay back in the sun. It is a well-known fact that moving house – even if it is only in the same town – is one of the most stressful things that we ever do. When you are moving abroad, it is even more so, because you are leaving behind friends and family. You may know some words of Spanish if you have been there on holiday as most Brits have, but you may also have to learn the language. 
Then there are all the legal formalities of moving to Spain, the paperwork, changing banks, doctors, and so on. Before you know it there is a long list of things that you have to wade through, and there is always that tiny, worrying thought at the back of your mind that you might have forgotten something! Yes, moving abroad can be a seriously nerve-wracking experience, no matter how much you may be looking forward to your new life. 
We hear you! At Movers International, we know just how stressful moving home can be because we are working for families every day who are doing exactly that. Our job is really twofold. The first of those is to pack all your belongings for removal to Spain in such a way that they arrive at your destination on time and in exactly the same condition that they left. 
The second is to take all the hassle out of your move. OK, we cannot deal with all of the legal paperwork of your move. We can’t teach you Spanish (although our movers do speak the language, as you might expect). We can’t change your bank account, cancel your newspapers, get your medical prescriptions from your doctor, and all the 101 other things that only you can do. 
But we can and will ensure that the actual move goes without a hitch. We can deal with all of your packing for you – although if you want to do it yourself that is up to you: we can supply you with top quality packaging materials. We will supply you with free storage here in Preston if you need it before your move. If you are ordering new furniture or other items, you can have those delivered to us as well. 
Our drivers know Spain as well as they know the UK. After all, we are going there every week with a regular run, and we have been moving people to Spain for 30 years. Not only that, we have two of our own depots – in Malaga and Alicante – if you need storage in Spain before moving into your new home. We can also get all your belongings into those villages with difficult access by transferring them to smaller vehicles. 
That is, after all, our job at Movers International: moving you to Spain without a hitch. 
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