France is one of the most popular countries that British residents choose to move to, along with Spain and Portugal. It is a big country – some 2.3 times as big as the UK – and has a variety of climates. 
If you move down to the Mediterranean, you get long, hot, sunny summer days, although there is also the Mistral wind to put up with at certain times, while you might choose the Pyrenees where you get considerable snowfall in the winter. 
Every “departmente” in France has its own particular landscape, so there are big cities, busy market towns, and small villages dotted around. The cuisine varies considerably as well, and many have their own particular local dialect. 
At Movers International, we are constantly carrying out house removals to France for people who may sometimes be retiring there, have relatives there, or who have a new job to go to, so we know all of the requirements and pitfalls. You might even be setting up your own business there, or perhaps you might be a writer working from home, for example. Since we left the EU, you are now required to have a visa from the French Embassy, and there are various types, depending upon whether you need a work permit or have a pension, among other things. 
Health Service 
France does have a health service, but you cannot join it instantly unless you are an employee. Otherwise, you have to wait for three months before applying to join. This means that it makes sense to have some private health insurance to cover the initial period, just in case. 
If you don’t already have a property to go to, it is a good idea to rent in the area you have selected – for whatever reason – and explore the locality and available homes to purchase. The most expensive city, as you might guess, is Paris, but in some other parts of the country you can buy a home for as little as €100,000. 
When it comes to moving day, as experts in house removals to France we can take care of absolutely everything for you. This includes packing, so that your belongings arrive in perfect condition, and also handling things such as access to mountain villages where roads may be narrow. At Movers International, we have over 30 years of experience, so you will be in safe hands. 
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