Moving home is considered to be one of the most stressful things that we ever do, and it is not surprising. This is even more the case when you have perhaps lived in your present home for many years. It is said that the average person moves every seven years, but for some people it can be much longer than that. 
For instance, you may have got married, moved into a new home with your new husband or wife, had children, brought them up, worked for a company for 40 years, and perhaps then decided that it was time to downsize. 
So, you might have lived in the same home in the same town or village for all this length of time, and then one day make the decision to up sticks and leave. You are going to be leaving people, shops, perhaps the pub, the local village hall, the people with whom you have shared hobbies such as gardening on an allotment, and heaven knows what else, and moving to a new home in an area you don’t know full of people that you don’t know either. No wonder this can cause stress! 
Sure, the kids have left home, and you really don’t need all the space that you have got, and a smaller home will cost less to run, and you could make a nice amount of money by paying off the balance of the mortgage and pocketing the difference as well, but it is going to totally change the way that you have lived for the past “X” years! 
Of course, you have a new home to which you are moving, and it’s in a nice area, but everything is so different. This is the problem that most people have when moving. And it is true, even if you are moving after only a few years, let alone the best part of half a lifetime. Your whole way of life which you have become used to is going to change - dramatically. 
But it gets worse. Because you have to handle the process of moving itself. The list of things that you need to do is almost endless. There are so many people that you have to notify of your change of address. Then there is going to be a huge decision of what you want to take to your new home, things that you won’t need, things that you need to get rid of, and what will or won’t fit into the bedroom/bathroom/kitchen, and so on. 
What do you do with the things that you don’t need? Give them to friends or family? Sell them? Give them to the charity shop? Take them to the tip? 
Next can be another issue for many people, and that is the fact that they have accepted an offer on their home, but their new home is not ready to move into. Maybe it is in a new development and you have agreed to purchase, but the home isn’t quite finished yet. Now what? Where are you going to stay for a few weeks until it is ready? What are you going to do with all your furniture in the meantime? 
Well, at Movers International we can’t help you with a lot of this, but we can help you with the last issue because we are happy to provide you with free storage in Preston for up to a month if your new home isn’t ready. 
Yes. FREE storage in Preston at our depot for all your worldly possessions if you have to spend a few weeks in temporary accommodation until you can move into your new home! As a certain supermarket says, every little helps. 
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