However many times you may have moved home before, the next move is just as scary as the first one ever was. You are in a sense, venturing into the unknown, even if you are only moving across town. If you are moving to another country, which many people do, it can be even scarier because you are switching to another culture. Even if you move to an English-speaking country like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or the US, they still do things differently from the way that we do, so there is a lot to learn. 
There is a lot to do before the actual moving day as well. You start off by making a list of everything, then you find that certain things on that list require you to do several other things, and so you make sub-lists. Before you know where you are, you are knee deep in them! And every last one of them is something that must be done! And there is another thing, and that is worrying that you may have forgotten something. What’s worse is that you very probably have! No matter: you just have to buckle down and get on with it. 
Fortunately, when you use Movers International for your move, we will take a lot of the strain off your back. There are some things that we can’t do, obviously, such as change your children’s school, register you with a new doctor, or cancel your gym membership. Those you have to do yourself. 
But we can and will make the physical process of moving as simple as possible. Just to begin with, we can do all the packing for you. Certainly, some people prefer to do the packing themselves, and there is nothing to stop you doing so. Some people like to paint the outside walls of their home themselves, but when all is said and done, you will get a far better job when you use the professionals. Our packing team has the experience and knowhow to pack all your belongings securely so that they don’t move about in transit, and they arrive at your destination in the same state as they left. 
We can also mark boxes and furniture with labels to show which room they are to go to when we get to your new home, so that they finish up where you want them, and you don’t have to open box after box just to find the kettle and the teabags when you desperately need a cuppa. 
We can also provide you with storage in Lancashire. It is often the case that people who are moving home are faced with a situation where their new home is not ready to move into straight away, and so they need to stay with friends or move into a hotel for a couple of weeks. The big issue here is what to do with all your belongings when this happens. They have to go somewhere! 
Our storage in Lancashire is the answer. We have secure and dry containers at our depot in Preston in which we can store all your belongings for however long you need. And the best part is that we don’t charge you anything for doing it for the first four weeks. That’s right: for four weeks, our storage is free! 
Whether you need storage or not, on moving day we will load everything on to one of our specialist removal vans and get everything to where you are going, wherever that may be in the UK, or to a shipping warehouse if you are moving overseas. If you are moving in the UK, we will make sure to get everything in the right place at the destination. 
There is only one other thing: our removal guys would like that cup of tea! 
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