Moving home is known to be one of the most stressful things that we ever do, and on average we move seven times in a lifetime. No matter how often or how little you move home, when you do there are a gazillion and one things that have to be taken care of. It is quite enough if you are moving across town. If you are moving to a different part of the UK that can be more difficult because you are leaving friends and family behind and going to somewhere where you may know nobody. 
Moving overseas is even more tricky. This is particularly the case when you move to a foreign country where the language is not English, because one of the first things that you have to do is to learn the language. That is before you even start, because it’s no good arriving at your destination only to have people looking at you with a puzzled expression on their faces because they can’t understand what you are saying! 
The culture may also be very different from what you are used to at home, and so may the weather. If you go to somewhere like the Caribbean, the weather is always going to be sunny and warm, but you might go to somewhere like Florida which is also warm but where they suffer from hurricanes! Or you might go to Colombia where they have 127” of rainfall a year! 
No matter where you are going to, as international movers and packers, at Movers International we can get your belongings there in one piece. The clue is in our name! In most instances, when moving overseas, you will send your goods by ship for the simple reason that sending them by air costs a small fortune. One survey carried out recently found that shipping things by air freight worked out at SEVENTEEN times the cost of sea freight. Unless you have to move urgently, then sea freight is the way to go. 
There are many more things to consider when moving abroad than moving in the UK. One of the most important is insuring your goods. In fact, figures show that shipping goods abroad in containers is actually pretty safe, but they do lose the odd one here and there for one reason or another. Even if the container is not lost, you could suffer from damage if the goods are not packed correctly, and this is why most people prefer us, as international movers and packers, to do the packing for them. 
Even so, you need to have insurance because the carrier will only abide by international rules, and this means that although insurance is in place it will only pay a very small amount even if goods are lost. The insurance works by weight of the goods, and what that means is that a kilo of gold is treated the same as a kilo of paper. 
There are also different ways of insuring goods moving overseas. On top of that, it will be necessary to prove who was at fault, which can get tricky when different carriers are involved in different parts of the overall journey. With that said, the insurance cost is not all that expensive, but certainly needs to be factored into your moving costs. 
When you are moving overseas, it may be that you need temporary storage for your goods before shipping onwards to the destination. We have secure storage facilities here at our depot in Preston – and also in Alicante and Malaga if you are moving to Spain – and we are happy to store all your belongings for you. The good news is that the first four weeks of storage are absolutely free of charge! 
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