Movers International is without doubt one of the most outstanding international moving companies in the UK. We undertake a lot of removals to Europe because many Britons who are retiring decide to up sticks and go and live in the sun, and removals to Portugal are a favourite for many. 
After all, who wouldn’t want to go and live in the Algarve? We might even do so ourselves when we retire! The weather is lovely, so are the people, and the golf courses are out of this world, many designed by world famous golfers. And the food! Portuguese food is Mediterranean cuisine at its best, and like the people, it's warm, vibrant, spicy, and a little mysterious. It's also balanced, as the peoples’ diet is filled with fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood, meat, and plenty of sweets. 
They also have some splendid red wine blends, and of course, after dinner, there is always port. What’s not to like? 
Not everyone decides to go and live in Portugal of course. Some choose to go and live in the country next door, which is Spain. If that is your destination of choice, then Movers International is the company to get you and your home there. If you need removal to Spain you will be pleased to know that we undertake weekly runs to Spain and not only that, we actually have two of our own depots there – in Malaga and Alicante. 
What that means is that we can take a part load on one of our weekly runs – even if it is only a single item – and it will cost you far less than trying to get it there any other way. Since we have our own depots there, we can deliver and store your possessions until you are ready to move into your new home. The other way around – if you are returning to the UK – it works in the same way: we can store your belongings until you are ready to move into your new UK home. 
In addition, we also undertake weekly runs to France, so the same thing applies if you need removal to France
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