At Movers International we undertake removals to France and house removals to Spain every week. Our friendly team of planners, packers, and movers has over 30 years of experience in moving to both countries, and we move so many people to Spain that we have opened two depots of our own there, in Malaga and Alicante. Our team members have all been trained through the British Association of Removers Training Services so are highly qualified to handle your belongings in a safe and secure manner so that everything arrives at the other end in the same condition as it left the UK. 
Moving overseas can be a scary business. You may be moving to somewhere like Spain or Portugal because you want to: you have been there many times on holiday and now you have retired and want to live in the sun. Or you may be moving to Trinidad because you have to, because your company is sending you there on an extended contract. 
Spain is a very popular destination for many British people who have holidayed there for years and decide to up sticks and move there when they retire. At Movers International we are well aware of this because we have been moving people to Spain for 30 years, and we do this so often that we have set up two depots in Spain, one in Malaga and the other in Alicante. We run a weekly service and we can cater for any size removal. If you need moving to Spain we can add them on as a part load on the next trip. 
If you are going to be moving overseas, Movers International is the company you need. We can move you down the road, or we can move you to the other side of the world. We undertake a lot of removals to Europe – in particular Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and Malta, all countries to which British citizens like to move to when they retire, often for the better weather. Let’s be honest: the last few winters in the UK have been pretty dreadful, so the thought of sitting in the sun having a picnic or playing a round or two of golf in January and February can be very appealing. 
If you are moving to Spain you would do best to seek the help of a removal company that specialises in that country. Movers International has been carrying out Spain removals for over 30 years, and we know the country as well as we do the back lanes of Preston and the rest of Lancashire. Over the course of that time there is nowhere in Spain that we have not been on behalf of our many customers. Many have moved there upon retirement to get the benefit of the warm sunny clime and the great, yet inexpensive, bars. Others have moved there for business reasons. 
Moving home is always a stressful business. Indeed, it has been said that it is one of the most stressful things that most people ever do, and to a certain extent it is true. There are so many things that could go wrong. Things might get damaged. They might get lost. You have to spend hours – and possibly days – packing everything up. Then you have to do the unpacking when you get to the other end. Will everything fit in? Where are we going to put that very large dining table: will it fit into the new dining room? How are we going to take the dog? What if the cat runs away and hides? 
Has the time come for you to move to a new home? Whether you are relocating to a new city, a new county or a new country, use the services of Movers International (Europe) Ltd. they can make your relocation process as stress free as possible. As one of the most trusted companies when it comes to international movers and packers, we guarantee to manage all aspects of your removal as easy and as simple as possible. 
Below are more reasons why we are the number one removals and storage company. 
Moving abroad can be exciting whilst simultaneously driving you into a state of panic. There are simply so many things to think about - selling or ending the lease of your house, learning about the culture, language and cuisine of the new country, packing up your belongings, arranging for shipping, talking to brokers abroad and so on. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could let someone else handle all the pressure of moving your prized belongings? This is where we, at Movers International (Europe) Ltd., come in to make your relocation as smooth as possible. 
We might not be able to help you buy a house in your new overseas location, but we can assist with the removal of your furniture and other belongings. Take a look below to learn more about how we can make your overseas move stress-free. 
Business or domestic, irrespective of the reason behind your relocation, it is imperative to ensure a hassle-free journey for your goods. Movers International (Europe) Ltd., a renowned packing and moving company, furnishes first-class removal services, crafted to suit your needs. Whether your collections of possessions are big or small, we will be there to assist you in every possible manner. 
We Assure Holistic Service, Refined for Ultimate Customer Satisfaction 
International removal involves a whole chain of activities commanding utmost attention to detail. Right from packaging assistance to storage, and ensuring the safety of your invaluables till the time they are returned to you, we can aid you at every possible step. Team up with us to experience a stress-free move, no matter to which part of the world you are shifting to. 
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