Moving is hard work! All that packing, loading/unloading heavy furniture, making a million trips back and forth...just exhausting. With pros on the job, you can stay out of it completely. 
Not all man-with-a-van companies offer a full-service experience. With some of them, you still have to do the packing, loading, and unloading yourself - no thanks! When you book with us, the complete moving package includes: 
-Carefully packing up all your belongings using proper materials to prevent damage 
-Taking apart/putting back together any large furniture so it can move safely 
-Loading everything into the van/truck, padding and securing items along the way 
-Safely transporting your stuff to your new home, no pit stops or shenanigans 
-Unloading and placing boxes/furniture exactly where you want them 
From start to finish, our crew handles every little detail. You can stay off your feet and let us do all the heavy work! 
Here's the lowdown on our pricing: 
We charge a simple flat rate that's based mainly on: 
-How much stuff you've got (1 bedroom flat vs. 4 bedroom house) 
-How far we're travelling between your old and new places 
-Any extra services you want added on 
Before quoting you a price, we'll send someone out to take a look at your situation and do a proper estimation. That way, the number we give is fair based on YOUR details - no hidden costs. 
For a basic move across town, our standard man with a van in Cheltenham service has you covered. But what if you've got some other needs for your particular situation? Just let us know because we offer all sorts of handy extras: 
-Packing services - Don't have time to pack it all yourself? We'll do it for you. 
-Specialty item moving - Need a hand with that hot tub, piano, or other oversized pieces? Our guys are experts. 
So what do you think - are we the perfect crew of man with a van in Cheltenham for you? Give us a call for a free quote, and let's get this ball rolling! We'll listen to your needs and put together a customised moving plan that checks every box. Don't put it off any longer - an easy peasy move is just a phone call away! 
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