If you are going to move to France, you are not alone. Quite a number of Brits move to France for lots of different reasons, but many go down to the Mediterranean for the beautiful weather. In fact, at Movers International we are one of the foremost removal companies to France and we run a frequent road train service there, so if you only need to move a single item or a small amount of goods they can go as a part load on one of those runs, which will save you money. 
However, if you are moving to France for good, or even for a few years on business because your company has required you to do so, then you may well need our services because you have to take all your belongings with you. If you are going to move there because you want to, then you have many choices. 
France is a very big country, and you could live on the Mediterranean in the sun, or you could live in the Pyrenees or the Alps where it is freezing in the winter. Of course, if you are moving there because your company requires you to, then you don’t have much choice! 
Learn The Language 
One thing that you will need to do is to learn the language. Most of us learned French at school, but in most cases that was several years ago, and unless you have practiced it in the meantime it is very likely that you will have forgotten most of it. So, you need to pick up where you left off. 
That can be done with evening classes, or you can also get classes online which will probably fit in with your daily schedule more easily because you can do them when it suits you. Either way, you need to be able to speak the lingo in order to make your life a lot easier. Certainly, a lot of French people speak some very basic English, but it is what they learned at school, and probably no better than your schoolboy, or girl, French. 
As one of the major removal companies to France, we can get you and your belongings wherever you need to be, including all of those mountain villages with narrow roads. Just let us know if access is difficult so that we can use the appropriate vehicles to get you there. 
For more detail on your move to France, just get in touch with our friendly team who can give you all the answers. 
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