Moving home is one of the most difficult things that we ever do because there are just so many different things that you have to remember. It is bad enough if you are just moving across town because there are so many people to notify, but at least the kids may still be able to go to the same school and you may be able to keep your doctor. 
But if you are moving to a different part of the country, then that is another issue. And if you are moving abroad, it is worse still. If you are moving to another country for work reasons, it may be that the first thing that you need to do is to learn a new language. Then there are all sorts of things that you have to know such as items that you might think are perfectly normal but are not allowed into your destination country. Did you know that if you are moving to Australia, you are not allowed to take fresh or dried holly? Or pine cones? Seriously! 
Of course, the actual process of moving involves a considerable amount of work because you need to pack everything that you are going to take with you to your new home so that it arrives there safely, whether that’s across Preston or to the Caribbean. 
Specially Trained Movers And Packers 
As house movers in Preston, at Movers International we can help you wherever you are going to move to. Although we do not pack for free, we always recommend that you have our expert packers and movers do this for you because they have been trained by the British Association of Removers Training Services. However, you can, of course, pack your belongings yourself if you so wish. 
Another very important thing that we offer is storage in Preston. It is very often the case that, for one reason or another, some of our customers need to move out of the home they have just sold, but that their new home is not ready to move into straight away. So, you can use our storage in Preston service which will store your belongings in strong wooden containers which will keep them safe, dry, and pest-free until your new home is ready. Not only that, but the first four weeks of storage are absolutely free! 
Wherever you are going, as house movers in Preston we will take care of you. 
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