Many UK residents who are approaching retirement age plan on moving to Portugal – the Algarve in particular – having been there on holiday numerous times and fallen in love with the country. Indeed, since lockdown there has been a considerable increase in people enquiring about Portugal removals permanently. This is partly because many people have realised that they will never have a job to go back to, and that life in almost non-stop sunshine has a lot to recommend it. 
Of course, the cost of living in Portugal is quite a bit lower than in the UK. Property prices in the Western Algarve compare favourably with Spain, and basic living expenses such as locally produced food and drink, wines, beers, spirits, port (of course), and even cigarettes, are cheap. So is public transport, while health services are free for residents. The cost of medications is subsidised and is tax deductible if you have to pay Portuguese tax. 
There are also private healthcare options which are inexpensive, and dental and veterinary care are both of a high standard and affordable. 
Food is inexpensive, especially the local wines which have been produced since Roman times, and locally caught fish such as Atlantic sea bass, golden bream, oysters, mussels, clams, and more. There are excellent local cheeses and cured hams, olive oil, and acorn-fed black pork. 
The locals are friendly and welcoming, and most of them speak English. There are also a lot of expats from other European countries, over half of them from Britain and Ireland. It is also easy to get around in Portugal, with light traffic, almost non-existent congestion, and easy parking. 
If you are a golfer, you are spoiled for choice in the Algarve with its’ 35 golf courses. There are superb facilities for tennis, bowls, squash, mountain biking, and even flying microlights. At Sagres there is a great location for bird-watching, especially in the migration periods. 
There are also plenty of water-sports – fishing, windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing, and yacht charters. 
Yes, there is a lot to recommend living in the Algarve. If you are going to move there you will be pleased to know that at Movers International we have regular runs there every couple of weeks, and we can move a single box or your complete home or office for Portugal removals. No doubt you will have a lot of questions, so please contact our friendly team who can provide you with all the answers. 
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