According to statistics, the average person in the UK will move home every seven years. Other statistics show that average life expectancy calculated in 2020 / 2022 was 80.7 years, which means that we move home 11 times in our lifetime. Of course, some people move far more often, and others (few) live their whole lives in the home that they were born in. 
If you are one of the latter, then read no further. However, for most of us, moving home is something that we are going to have to take in our stride. Moving is also one of the most stressful things that we ever do, and that’s because there are umpteen things to do and take into consideration. 
Apart from the long lists of things to do, people to notify, and all of the other stresses, there is also the worry that we may have forgotten to do something important. For instance, did you notify HMRC of your new address? No? Thought not! 
Then there is the actual process of moving itself. There are professional companies like us at Movers International who can take care of all that for you and make the physical move easy and stress-free. However, some people today think that it is a great idea to “save money” by doing it themselves. Hire a van, get a couple of family members to come round and help, shove everything into some boxes. Job done. Simple. 
Er, Maybe Not 
Or is it? Well, in most instances things can get a lot more complicated than that. This is because, although at first glance it may seem simple, there is a lot more to the physical moving process than that, and it is why you need professional packers and movers in Manchester when push comes to shove. 
Just to start with, almost everyone has things that they have collected or been handed down over the years. What do you do if your brother-in-law drops that Chinese vase that has been in the family for 200 years? 
Packing properly, so that items do not get damaged and arrive at your destination in perfect condition is a skill on its’ own, and it has to be learned. Wrapping them up in some newspaper and popping them in a box isn’t the brightest idea. You need the right materials: a collection of old boxes from your Tesco or Sainsburys deliveries is of very little use. 
What order do you load everything into the van? How do you load it so that nothing moves about when the van hits a pothole? These are things that, as professional packers and movers in Manchester, our team knows how to do the right way and has the skills that you need for a stress-free and happy moving day. 
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