Britain is a free country. Unlike quite a number of others, as long as you do not hurt or damage other people, you can do pretty much what you like. You can live where you want to, get married, not get married, have kids, play sports, go to the pub, and many other things. 
Most of us who have been brought up in the UK are proud of our heritage, and quite often seriously proud of not just being British, but being English, Scottish, Welsh, or Irish. The country of our birth is of importance to us. 
However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to spend the rest of our lives living here, strange as that may seem. As we grow up as children, our parents often take us on holiday to other countries, some nearby and some far away, and we can get excited about the different cultures and the way that other people live – their food, the weather, the cost of living, arts, crafts, and so on – and it can come to the point where we think to ourselves that we might well like to live the way that they do. That doesn’t mean that we are not proud of our country of birth, but just that living life in a different way can be exciting. 
This is why some people choose to move abroad, perhaps to France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria, and so on, and some further afield to America, the Caribbean, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong – who knows? 
Spain Is Popular 
Quite a lot of Brits choose to move to Spain because of the wonderful weather in the South and the laid-back way of life. In which case they will need a new home there and have to consider moving furniture to Spain. This is where we come in at Movers International. Moving furniture to Spain is something that we do every week, because so many Brits finish up there after a lifetime of work in the UK. 
France is another popular destination, and again we can help with house removals to France – including all those tiny villages in the Alps or wherever. Or you might choose to go South to the Mediterranean where the sun shines almost all the time. The choice is yours. 
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