Moving to Portugal is becoming an increasingly popular option. Benefits include the country’s warm and friendly attitude, beautiful beaches and exciting cultural centres. In short, it can be an extremely rewarding place for you and your family to live with many long-term benefits for expats. 
Having said this, being realistic about what the country can offer before you move here is important for avoiding disappointment and culture shock. This is particularly important if it is your first time moving anywhere abroad. 
We also advise that you factor in the resources and time needed to arrange your moving logistics appropriately. From our many years’ experience helping individuals and families move to Portugal, Movers International understand that getting the process off to a good start is an important part of feeling settled in your new life in Portugal. 
Quick Facts About Portugal 
Portugal is on the South Western tip of Europe, only a stone’s throw away from Morocco and the African continent. It has long served as a gateway to both Africa and the Americas, and has a rich colonial history that extends across the globe. 
Many look here to find something new and exciting without verging too far from the European or Western way of life they’re used to. While there are many differences in culture, many societal and economic aspects of Portugal are closely mapped to other nations like Spain, France and Germany. 
In terms of climate, Portugal comes with a more Mediterranean climate which is complemented by a close proximity between major cities and glorious beaches – offering outstanding beauty within a short car drive from places like Lisbon or Porto. 
Generally, communities are welcoming and open to foreigners, offering a diverse mix of cultures and people from not just other European countries, but further afield also. To truly assimilate however, it’s necessary to build a decent base of the Portuguese language to communicate with the locals. 
Is Portugal Right for You? 
Before you make the commitment and start planning your Portugal removals and relocation, understand that living in Portugal is good for everyone. Portugal offers a way of life that is perfect for many people. For instance, thousands of retirees have found a place to call home here, embracing the change in pace and making the most of the many benefits the country has to offer, from food and wine to culture and nature. 
Moving and Packing Advice 
If you’re committed to a new life in Portugal, we at Movers international outlined some important things you should factor into your plan. 
Finding Accommodation and Storage 
Until you’ve found a new location and property you can call home permanently, you’ll probably need to stay in temporary accommodation while you look around and meet agents. During this time, you’ll need to store you products somewhere, or arrange an effective delivery date that means your stuff will arrive at your new place at a suitable time. 
Shipping Your Possessions Abroad 
Remember that shipping large quantities of items abroad isn’t always easy. There are many things to consider such as shipping requirements, space limitations, costs, processing procedures and the time it actually takes for items to be moved from one location to another. 
Packing (and Unpacking) Your Items 
Packing can take weeks (and even months) if you don’t have professional help. If you leave everything until last minute, you could end up having too much stuff that will hugely increase your shipping costs. To avoid this, consult experts who can help you pack up your possessions efficiently. 
Consolidate Moving Costs 
You might have considered arranging everything yourself through separate agents or companies, whether it’s the transportation costs in the UK, or moving and unpacking services in Portugal. 
While this might seem like a good idea to cut costs, you might find yourself losing out due to inconsistency between different stages of the process. We recommend using only one company to consolidate the whole moving process from start to end. 
Consult with Our Moving Professionals 
To factor the above considerations into your relocation plan, get in touch with one of our friendly packing and moving experts who will happily consult with you on your plans to move abroad to one of Portugal’s amazing destinations. 
From planning and scheduling, to delivering your furniture and belongings to your new property, we at Movers International are dedicated to offering ongoing support and advice for all our clients – every step of the way! 
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