The cost of house movers depends on three main things: 
1. How much room your things take up in our trucks 
2. If you need us to keep your stuff for a while 
3. What kind of help do you want with packing 
We're not here to judge your stuff. We're just here to help you move it all safely and without spending too much. 
Packing: From Doing It Yourself to Us Doing It All 
This is where you have some choices that can change your moving costs. 
Choice 1: Pack It Yourself 
This is the cheapest way. You pack everything. We just put it in the truck. It saves money, but it takes more time and work. 
Choice 2: We Pack Some Things 
We can pack some of your stuff for you. You pack your clothes and books. We pack the breakable things like dishes and mirrors. You do some work, but we help with the hard parts. 
Choice 3: We Pack Everything 
We pack all your stuff for you. It costs more, but it's also the easiest for you. 
Breaking Down the Costs: What You're Paying For 
1. People Costs 
Moving is hard work! The cost includes paying our professional movers for their time and skills. 
2. Getting Your Stuff There 
This covers the cost of the truck, gas, and any road fees. 
3. Boxes and Stuff to Pack With 
Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. 
4. Moving Special Things 
Got a piano? A pool table? These big, heavy, or easy-to-break items need special care. Which is why it can cost more. 
Here's what to look for in a price quote for the cost of house movers: 
1. Basic moving cost 
2. Packing help (if you're using it) 
3. Boxes and packing stuff 
4. Insurance costs 
5. Any extra fees for special items or services 
Moving houses is a major issue. And sure, it does cost money. 
At Movers International, we want to provide you with the greatest moving experience possible. 
Are you ready to start arranging your move? Give us a call. We'd love to talk about how we can assist you make your move a success without emptying your pocketbook. 
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