Many people in the UK decide to move overseas for one reason or another. For people who are due to retire, many want to be in a country where the sun shines. For others, they may need to move abroad for business reasons. Whatever the reason, a very popular destination indeed is France. Perhaps because this is our nearest neighbour on the continent, and perhaps because they have been there for holidays and just love the atmosphere. 
If you are going to move to France, Movers International can get you there without any hassle and stress-free. Moving home – even if it is only across town – is always stressful, largely because there are so many things to do, and there is always the worry that you might have forgotten something important on your to-do list. However, when you are moving to France, even if it is only to Calais, you are leaving family and friends behind as you start a new life. So, there are bound to be a few tears. 
Much To Do 
However, there is much to look forward to when you settle down in your new home. New friends to make, new things to do, new countryside to explore, and so on. It is just the process of getting there that is the issue, and that is why, when you need removals to France you need Movers International. We have been carrying out removals to France for over 30 years, and wherever you are going, we have been before, so we know the ropes. 
Unfortunately, we can’t do a lot of things for you, such as changing your bank, notifying your doctor, cancelling the papers, and 1,001 other things that you need to do. But what we can do is to make the physical process of moving as painless as possible. 
You can, of course, if you wish, do all your own packing. However, that is a tedious and also boring job. It is also tricky, because everything has to be packed correctly so that it doesn’t move about in transit. You can let our expert team of packers take care of all that for you. 
If you are buying new furniture to take with you, we provide storage in Lancashire here at our Preston depot, and for the first four weeks it is free! So, you can have your supplier ship the goods to us for storage in Lancashire and we will take care of them for you until moving day arrives. 
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