The beautiful country of France has attracted many over the years. The picturesque locales, the rich culture, and the mouth-watering cuisine have made this country a favourite among people wishing to settle abroad. But removal to France involves a lot of paperwork, packing, and transportation. If all this sounds like a lot of work, do not worry. You can enjoy the services of Movers International; let us do the heavy lifting as you relax and jot down the bucket list of things you wish to do in France. 
You need to take care of the paperwork well beforehand. We are always there to help you with all that. 

What documents do you need for removal to France? 

Moving to France from another EU country requires no complicated customs procedures. However, if you come from a non-EU country, you must have with you the following: 
A French customs form stating that your primary residence will be in France. 
Proof of residence within France (also called "an attestation de domicile"). 
If you have rented a property, you must produce a lease agreement. 
Keep the purchase documents ready if you have bought a house or an apartment in France. 
An official letter clarifying that your family will also be moving with you (if they do). 
A duly signed certificate de non-session 
You must also carry a detailed inventory list that clearly describes the items within any box you transfer during removal to France and the second-hand value of the same in Euros. Remember that you cannot sell off any items that have been imported duty-free to France within the initial 12 months of your stay in the country. 
Your passport, identification proof, and driving license are three documents you should never part with. Also, make photocopies of each document, as there will be frequent submissions of those at various points. 
Mentioned above are a few standard documents required for removal to France. However, you might be asked to carry a few additional documents in special cases; we will guide you in such circumstances. 
A few extra inputs 
There are a few restrictions regarding items you can move to France. The country does not allow weapons and specific categories of plants, flowers and food items. You cannot transport a few breeds of dogs as Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Pitbull Terriers in France. 
Customers across the globe have put their trust in Movers International and have made us one of the top international moving companies. Contact us today for all your queries. 
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