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Moving to another country is an exciting experience. Even if it is one that you think you know well because you have been there on holiday several times, such as Spain perhaps, there is still an awful lot to learn and you have to adapt to a new way of life. Customs will be different. The weather may be very different too: you could be going to somewhere warm such as the Caribbean where you will never need an overcoat again, or you could be going to northern Canada where you most certainly will need your overcoat! 
Notwithstanding the fact that the UK has now left the EU, and that the final transition period is over, there are still any number of British people who are keen to go and live in Spain. The weather is so good compared with parts of the British Isles, with sun for an average 320 days a year, and for the golf enthusiast a wide choice of professional golf courses at which to play. Then there is the Spanish food and wine, and the whole rather laid-back way of life – manana, manana! No wonder that so many Brits decide to retire there. 
Moving home is always a “big deal” even if you are really looking forward to it, as we hope you are. However, it may be that you are moving, not because you want to but because circumstances mean that you have to, and that can add to the stress. 
If you are thinking of moving to Portugal there are some things that you need to know, not the least of which is that the country wants immigrants. That’s right, you are welcome. Portugal’s workforce was seriously depleted between 2011 and 2016 due to emigration, and now the government is doing everything possible to bring people back in. 
The Algarve in Portugal is a favourite destination for many holidaymakers from the UK, and with good reason. Apart from any other considerations, the climate is great, with over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, and cooling ocean breezes which reduce the heat of summer to a comfortable level. The Algarve is also easy to reach from the UK, Faro being just a two-and-a-half-hour flight. There is also a modern, fast motorway network when you arrive. 
Moving house anywhere is known to be one of the most stressful experiences that most people ever have, yet the average person moves house every seven years. If you have moved before, even if it is only within the same town, you will know how stressful it is, but it is doubly so when you are moving to a far part of the UK from where you live, where you don’t know anyone. It is even more so if you are moving abroad, especially to a country where they speak a different language. Not only are you moving to somewhere strange, but you have to learn another language as well. 
Saving money is always important, but when it comes to relocating overseas and arranging international removals, every penny saved is crucial. For new movers, the total costs always end up being considerably greater than first predicted. 
Many people move to Portugal each year from the UK. Natural beauty, cheaper house prices, and amazing culture are just some of the draws. 
Uncertainty about the UK’s economic future, as well as growing dissatisfaction with decisions made by the government, have also led some to seek greener pastures. While others, admittedly, simply desire a warmer and more affordable place to retire. 
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