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We can’t predict with any great accuracy exactly what you will experience in your new country of choice, without knowing more about your specific situation. However, from the many year’s experience helping people to relocate through Movers International, we’re in a good position to comment on some of the major themes that most families and individuals encounter when moving abroad. 
Making preparations for a move abroad? From learning new languages to applying for work visas and health insurance, we know that relocating internationally comes with many challenges and obstacles, in addition to the many rewards you’ll get from starting a new adventure. 
Moving to Portugal is becoming an increasingly popular option. Benefits include the country’s warm and friendly attitude, beautiful beaches and exciting cultural centres. In short, it can be an extremely rewarding place for you and your family to live with many long-term benefits for expats. 
Moving to Spain is a wonderful experience for many families and individuals. At Movers International, we’ve witnessed thousands of people relocate here to take advantage of the many amazing attributes the country and culture has to offer. However, even for the most seasoned of travellers, this process can take some getting used to! 
Moving home is known to be one of the most stressful things that we ever do, and yet the average person moves home every seven years. That’s ten complete home moves in an average lifetime. 
Moving home is known to be one of the most stressful things that we ever do. The average person/family in the UK moves seven times in their lifetime, but it never gets any easier. It is hard enough if you are just moving to another part of your city, but you can still stay in touch with your friends. However, if you are moving abroad, thing will be very different because it is a whole new culture, different laws, driving on the right in many countries, and you may even have to learn a new language. 
Many Britons who reach retiring age decide to spend the rest of their lives overseas in the sun, and for many that means Portugal. There are around 60,000 Britons living in Portugal, not all of them retirees. Those who go there to work very often go to Lisbon, which is a somewhat more expensive place to live than other parts of the country, but a lot of people who don’t need to work choose the Algarve. 
When you are moving home, or for that matter moving your business to Lancashire or to any other place it may be the case that you simply cannot move everything into your new home or offices straight away. You may have to move out and not be able to move in for a couple of weeks or a month, so you need somewhere for storage in for all your furniture and belongings that you are going to take with you. As if moving abroad is not stressful enough! 
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