Aside from not having to break your back lugging boxes, hiring us has some major perks: 
• We provide all packing materials to safely pack your fragile items 
• We have the proper equipment like dollies to move heavy furniture 
• Our vehicles are built for hauling lots of stuff 
• We are insured in case anything gets damaged 
• It's more efficient with our experienced team 
The moving process works differently for short, local journeys compared to hauling across the country (or world!). 
For local gigs, it'll just be the movers and their truck showing up. Load it up, drive it over, done and dusted. 
But long-distance moves? Oh boy. Get ready for some coordination! 
If you are at retiring age and considering moving to Spain for the sun and beautiful weather, and yet you do not want to live in one of the big cities, then you might very well consider Sitie de Calahonda which is close to Marbella and Fuengirola. With a population of a little over 16,000 it is relatively quiet and yet offers all of the benefits of living in Spain, not the least of which is the climate. 
Spain is without doubt one of the most popular destinations for Brits who want to spend their two weeks summer holidays in the sun, and the Mediterranean is the primary choice. Because so many of us choose it over the years, it has also become the most popular retirement destination as well, and many of us pack our bags and head for places such as the Costa Blanca. 
Alicante is a city in mainland Spain on the Mediterranean and has a population of about 330,000. It is an ideal destination for those Brits who want to go and live in the sun, and where you can sit on the beach in December. According to the website Numbeo, the cost of living here is 36.4% less expensive than London, and that’s without rent. 
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