The films were better, the stars were bigger and Marbella’s International Film Festival’s light shines brighter. After a tremendous five days of screenings, artistry, innovation and celebrity appearances, the festival wrapped up with a glorious Gala dinner at the H10 Andalucia Plaza in Puerto Banus, having exceeded its wildest expectations. 
With entries from all across the world, the quality of the films, shorts and documentaries on display at the 11th edition of this esteemed festival cemented its reputation as one of the planet’s finest up and coming affairs. The onscreen acting talent proved that the Marbella International Film festival continues to not only draw the very best from Britain, Spain and beyond, but also provides a fantastic showcase for prodigious young stars. 
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A Legal transformation is required in order to accommodate changing cultural attitudes towards animal cruelty and those who commit it. 
That is the conclusion drawn by the Malaga Humane Society for Plants and Animals, who lamented the fact that so many instances of abuse are not deemed worthy of criminal investigation by the police. 
There were 16 investigations into accusations of abuse last year, a miniscule number that the society believes bears no correlation with the far more brutal facts on the ground. 
Even if a case is investigated it is typically done under an administrative umbrella and carries no more punishment that a minor fine. 
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The local Spanish Moneycorp team are very pleased to be able to work with 
The British Removal Company and offer their clients help when transferring money overseas or simply sending money back to the UK. If you have made the decision to return to the UK or move to another country then how you transfer your money can be very important. We all want to get the best exchange rate and keep our costs as low as possible and that's where we can help. 
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