Posts from February 2021

Moving home can be an incredibly complicated task for the simple reason that there are so many things that you have to do both before you move and after arrival in your new home. This is true whether you move down the road, across town, to the other end of the country, or even to another country. 
If you are planning to move to France, as of January 1st you will now need a visa since we are no longer part of the EU, and you can get this from the French embassy. There are different types of visa depending upon your situation: for example, you may already have relatives living in France, so you need to check which one you need. Unless you are on a pension, you will also need a work permit. 
At Movers International, as international movers and packers, we can move you anywhere in the world. We go wherever you want to go, and we have many years of experience, so it is almost a certainty that – unless you are going to some far-flung island in the Antarctic such as Deception Island, Bouvet Island, and so on – we have been there before, even if you have not. 
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