At Movers International, as international movers and packers, we can move you anywhere in the world. We go wherever you want to go, and we have many years of experience, so it is almost a certainty that – unless you are going to some far-flung island in the Antarctic such as Deception Island, Bouvet Island, and so on – we have been there before, even if you have not. 
Many Brits who reach retirement age decide to settle in Spain or Portugal, and we go there so regularly that we actually have two of our own offices in Spain – in Alicante and Malaga. We do regular weekly runs there, so if you only need to move a small load, or even a single item, it will save you a lot of money by using one of those. 
But off course, other people may choose to move to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, and other English-speaking countries, perhaps because they have relatives there and wish to join them, or sometimes because their job takes them there for a few years, taking care of the overseas office of their UK employer. 
A lot of people also go to the Caribbean, again because they have family there, or they have just been there on holiday and love the laid-back way of life in the sun. Let’s face it: if you move to the Caribbean, you are never going to need an overcoat and wellies again! 
No matter. Wherever you want to go, we can take you, because we have the experience to pack all your belongings in a safe and secure manner so that, whatever your destination, they reach it in the same condition that they left here. Indeed, if you are moving abroad and have sold your home, we will store your furniture and other items for you for a month at our depot here in Preston entirely free of charge. That means that you can also order any new furniture or items that you wish to buy and have your supplier deliver them to us ready for shipping on to your new home overseas. 
As international movers and packers, we can move whatever you want to move, including a complete business if that’s what you need. But we can also move small items using groupage or a shared load service. For larger quantities of belongings, you can have sole use of a 20’ or 40’ container, and you can get quite a lot of items into those. That includes your car if you want to take it with you and are going to a country where it is right hand drive. However, many people sell their car or cars and buy new upon arrival. It’s up to you. Rules can vary considerably, so if you are going to Spain, for example, you can take your car with you but if you are staying for longer than six months you have to register it and obtain a Spanish number plate. 
There are some items that we cannot ship – not because we could not do so, but because your destination country doesn’t allow them in. Again, the list varies according to the destination country, but we know all the rules, so if you tell us where you are going we can tell you what you are not allowed to take with you. 
Our friendly team fully understands that moving overseas can be a hassle and vey stressful, even though you are going wherever you are going because you want to. It’s the process of moving which can be stressful, but with us you can rest assured that we will handle everything perfectly, so you have no worries whatever. 
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