Alicante is a city in mainland Spain on the Mediterranean and has a population of about 330,000. It is an ideal destination for those Brits who want to go and live in the sun, and where you can sit on the beach in December. According to the website Numbeo, the cost of living here is 36.4% less expensive than London, and that’s without rent. 
The cost of rent is 72.4% lower than in London, a one-bedroom apartment being £525 per month. Not surprising that many want to move there! 
There are hills right above the city, with a Moorish castle on top at a height of some 550’. You can climb up there on a footpath to see some splendid views over the coast and the sea, with the marina just down below. However, if you are not feeling like the walk, the good news is that there is a lift! This is at the end of a long tunnel which has been cut into the rock. 
Of course, being Spain, there are plenty of bars in and around the old town, and also lots of chiringuitos (beach bars), and you can get to sample the local wines. There are some very good Chardonnays produced in Alicante, and also a local semi-sweet wine called fondillon, which is alleged to have been a favourite of Shakespeare. Who knew? 
Popular For Retirees 
All in all, Alicante is a popular destination for retirees. So popular, in fact, that at Movers International we have established our own depot there. We move so many people into this area and the surrounding Costa Blanca that it makes life that much easier for both us and our customers. 
If you have decided upon this area for yourself, and need removals to Alicante, then it follows that using our services makes sense. It often happens that people who move to Southern Spain have bought a property which is not ready to move into, and yet they have to leave Britain because they have sold their home here. Others choose to rent a property for some time while they look around for their forever home, and in both instances need storage for their furniture. 
If you are on the hunt for removals to Alicante, we provide storage both at our Preston depot and in Alicante. Indeed, if you use our Preston facilities, they are completely free of charge for the first four weeks! Either way, it makes moving to Alicante so much easier. 
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