One of the major destinations for people who have retired and want to live in the sun is the Algarve in Portugal. At Movers International we should know, because we carry out a large number of Algarve removals to Portugal for retirees and also people who have managed to get a job there, or in some cases are setting up their own business there. 
After all, it is a favourite holiday destination for good reason, so why not live there if you can? 
There are lots of advantages to living in the Algarve, not the least of which is the climate. There are also a lot of expats there so you will soon meet up with the local Brits. However, the Portuguese themselves are very friendly and welcoming people, and most of them speak English anyway. 
Many retirees move there for the golf. There are 36 golf courses in the Algarve, some with spectacular ocean views. There are also many water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, sport fishing, water-skiing, and scuba diving, and you can also take a sailing course, and there are yacht charters available as well. 
Some areas are excellent for birdwatching, such as the Sagres Peninsula, and there are walking trails, theme parks, zoos, and more. 
Fresh-Caught Fish 
The food is wonderful too, with many of the locals indulging often in fresh-caught fish from the Atlantic such as bass and bream, oysters, clams, and mussels as well as a local delicacy called perceves / goose barnacles. 
Another very big draw is the wine industry. Obviously, one big seller is port, but there are also lots of local vineyards producing a variety of drinking wines as well as more expensive ones. 
As we run regular Algarve removals to Portugal, we are also very aware that the cost of living in the area is considerably lower than elsewhere in Europe. The wages are much lower than elsewhere in Northern Europe which means that property prices are low, along with private health services (although the national health service is very good) and public transport, although it has to be said that utility costs and petrol are expensive. 
The Algarve is also very easy to get to if family and friends want to visit for a weekend or longer. You can fly to Faro from the UK in 2.5 hours, and there is a fast motorway network too. No wonder so many Brits choose it as their final destination. 
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