When you have put your home on the market in Preston it makes sense to plan for your removal day. It may come around a lot faster than you think. It could even be the first couple who visit your home, fall in love with it, and make you an offer there and then. 
If you have already found your new property, then removal day may be only a couple of weeks away, if we can fit in with your requirements at Movers International. So, it pays to get ready early, just in case. 
Possibly the first, and best, tip that we can give you is: GET RID! 
All of us, almost without exception, have lots and lots of “stuff” that we have collected over the years, no longer use, but keep it “just in case”! Why pay us to move it when you will never use it? It doesn’t make sense. So, take it to the charity shop, hold a garage sale, give it to family or friends – whatever. Just get rid of it! 
Right. Done that? 
NO?? Well DO it! 
Decide upon your moving day, or as near as you can. Contact us in order to find out what dates we have available for removal services in Preston (summertime can get very busy) and ask us to come to your home so that we can give you your quote. 
Advise Everyone Who Needs To Know 
Make a list of everybody that needs to know your new address. It can be a very long list, but apart from family and friends, there are many other people who need to know: your bank, your employer, credit card companies, doctor, insurance companies, your solicitor, Inland Revenue – the list goes on. Then notify them. 
If you are moving out of area, you also need to find schools for your kids, a doctor, dentist, and you also need to contact utility companies so that you have electricity, water, gas (if required) connected and running on the day you move in. You don’t want to be sitting there in the dark because you forgot to get electricity connected. 
Pack everything gradually and very carefully, ready for moving day. Better still, use our removal services in Preston to do it for you. Our team are (obviously) experts at packing and moving goods including fragile items, works of art, and so on, so that they arrive at your new address in perfect order. 
Plan which rooms you want items to be moved into, and label accordingly, (our team can do that for you) so that everything is where you want it to be on moving day. 
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