Did you always want to live in the land of beaches, tapas and football? This is your sign to take a leap of faith and shift to Spain. If you want one reason to move to Spain, this article will give you six. So read along and find your favourite reason. While you read this, let Movers International simplify your removal to Spain
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6 Reasons For Moving To Spain: 

Great weather throughout the year: Spain is all about sunshine and sea breeze. It enjoys an excellent climate throughout the year, although temperatures can rise to 40 degrees celsius between July and August. 
Extensive public transport system: The cities in Spain are well-connected through public transport such as buses, taxis, metros and high-speed trains. You can also avail of monthly passes that significantly reduce the transport cost. 
Scrumptious seasonal and local food: You can enjoy a wide array of tasty and healthy food prepared from local and seasonal produce. The freshly baked bread, cheese and seafood are a must-try. 
Plenty of parks and greenery: Ample tropical plants grow in Spain due to the hot and humid weather. Most of the cities have exotic botanical gardens. Most backyards are decorated with Palm and banana trees and jasmine bushes. 
Access to medical care: Once you move to Spain and register as a resident, you will gain access to the free medical care that is part of the governing system. However, that does not mean all procedures are free. Some charges and taxes are involved. 
Friendly people: If you love to make friends and meet new people, Spain is your destination. You can have lots of exciting and heart-warming conversations with the local people, be it your neighbour or cashier at the grocery store. 

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With a wide presence in major Spanish cities and towns, we have various services that make your relocation to Spain seamless. We also offer storage facilities at Preston, Alicante, and Malaga so you can safely store your precious belongings until there is enough room in your new home. Bought new furniture in Preston, but do you need help with taking it to Spain? Don't you worry! We will deliver it to your doorstep. Movers International provides 360-degree services to their clients, ensuring secure and stress-free removal to Spain. We are definitely the seventh reason why you should consider moving to Spain. 
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