Many people from Britain go to France for their holidays. After all, it is only just across the channel – 20 miles from Dover – so you can drive down there, hop on a boat, and in a couple of hours you can be off on a camping trip around the country, or driving to stay in a pre-booked hotel. 
A lot of people visit Paris, of course, because there is lots to see – go up the Eiffel Tower, have lunch in one of the many restaurants or bars in Montmartre, see the Champs Elysee, etc. – while others head for the Mediterranean coast to bask in the sunshine. Whatever your choice, many people go to France several times over the years, which is why, when it comes to retirement age, they also choose to go and live there. 
It can be an excellent choice for retirement because, apart from anything else, it is also only a few hours’ drive – or even less on the train – to pop back to the UK whenever you feel like it to visit family and friends. You can have the best of both worlds. 
Of course, if you are going to move to France, you need to be able to understand and speak the language, but the actual process of moving is not really much more than moving home in the UK. Many people who need France removals then come to us at Movers International for our expertise and knowledge of the country. 
Regular Runs 
And we do, indeed, have that expertise. Apart from anything else, we have a regular run to France each week, transporting anything from a couple of items of furniture to a whole van load. We know and understand moving to France with all of the detail and requirements it involves, so we can take you to one of those little villages in the hills if that is where you are going, using small vehicles to negotiate all the narrow roads. So, even if you are moving your whole home, we can get you there. Just let us know that access is difficult, and we will arrange your France removals so that everything goes like clockwork. 
You may choose to pack all your furniture and belongings yourself, but we always recommend using our friendly team because they are experts. They know how to pack valuable items so that there is no chance of them being damaged on the trip, and they arrive at your new home in perfect condition. 
Bienvenue en France! 
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