If you are considering moving to France, one of the biggest advantages is that property prices there are in general lower than in the UK. All right, if you are going to Paris, that is going to be expensive, but in other areas you will save a considerable amount. A 5-bed home in Limousine, for instance, recently went for less than £175,000! 
If you want to build your own home, then you can buy plots of land very cheaply. Of course, you need to ensure that you can develop and build on them, but as an example, plots of land in rural areas can be as little as £2,000 an acre. However, a good tip is to visit the area you are interested in and inspect properties rather than just viewing them online. 
Carte de Resident 
If you are planning to live in France permanently, then since we have left the EU, you will now need a permanent residency permit called a Carte de Resident. These are valid for ten years and can be renewed. You will need to visit the local town hall with passport, birth certificate, and evidence that you are financially solvent. Allow plenty of time because the process takes at least 8 weeks. 
When moving household items as small removals to France, this is fine as long as you have owned them for a minimum of six months. If you are buying new items for France removals then you can have them delivered to us at Movers International in Preston and we will store them for you free of charge until your moving date or for up to four weeks. These may be liable for tax and duty fees, and customs may want invoices as proof of purchase date. 
A Local Bank Account 
Another very important issue with France removals is to set up a local bank account. If you don’t have a local bank account, you will be paying very high exchange rates. 
If you want to take your pet – dog or cat – to France, then it must have a current rabies vaccination, be microchipped, and have an animal health certificate from your vet. 
At Movers International, we carry out small removals to France on a weekly basis and we can carry out your move whether it is for a single item or everything in your home. We can also help if you are going to move a complete business. 
Contact our friendly team for expert help and advice for any type of move across the Channel to France. 
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