We may have just had our hottest day ever in the UK, but it is cooling off now. However, for many people, the sun and hot weather is what they enjoy, and this is just one reason why so many people looking forward to retirement consider moving overseas. Two very friendly and popular countries are Spain and Portugal. 
If you are thinking of moving abroad, the choice between Spain and Portugal may well depend on which of the two countries you had most holidays in. Spain is the first choice for many people, but Portugal is not very far behind, and what swings it for some people is the number of golf courses in the Algarve – 35 of them – including some of the finest in Europe. 
If you are going to move to Portugal, then you will need a top-class removal firm to transport all your belongings safely and securely. Our team at Movers International has over 30 years’ experience of house removals to Portugal. We also have a regular run to Portugal every couple of weeks, so if you only need to move a few items they can go as a part load. 
Moving home is always a stressful experience because you have long lists of things to do and there is always that niggling thought at the back of your mind that you have forgotten something. However, our experience with moving furniture to Portugal means that we can take away all that stress and make your move something to enjoy. Let’s face it, you actually have a lot to look forward to. That’s why you’re going in the first place. So let us take care of all the hassle of house removals to Portugal while you consider how wonderful your life is going to be looking forward. 
Fish With Everything 
One of the many things to enjoy in Portugal is the food. Particularly the fish. There is fish with everything in Portugal, especially cod and sardines caught fresh from the Atlantic. Portugal is the world’s 6th largest consumer of fish, averaging 57kg per head every year. And of course, there is the wine to go with it. Portugal is actually one of the world’s biggest producers of wine. And then there is also the port for after dinner. 
So, if you are heading for retirement there, you look forward to the wonderful years ahead, and let Movers International worry about moving furniture to Portugal. 
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