The rental housing market is quite competitive in urban areas of Germany especially Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, etc. So you need to start apartment hunting well in advance. 
● Seek help from relocation agents to find rentals before you move to Germany from the UK 
● Temporary sublet housing may also be an option while you search for long-term rentals 
● Have all necessary documents ready for your rental applications – income statements, references, identification, registration certificates, etc. 
● Be prepared to pay a deposit of 2-3 months’ rent. Landlords also require renters insurance. 
● Familiarise yourself with German tenancy laws regarding termination notices, rent increase caps, landlord maintenance duties, etc. to ensure fair tenant-landlord relations. 
Importing Your Belongings 
As an expert international shipper, Movers International specialises in making shipping your belongings to Germany hassle-free. Here’s an overview: 
Customs Regulations 
Duty-free shipments 
Shipments of used household goods and personal effects can be imported duty-free provided: 
● You owned them for at least 6 months 
● You live abroad for at least 12 months 
Restricted/Prohibited items 
Germany has import restrictions on certain items like tobacco, spirits, weapons, live plants, pets, meat products, electronics, etc. Check with your Movers International agent. 
● Documents required 
● Copy of your passport 
● Detailed inventory list 
● Power of attorney authorising us to represent you 
● Billing of lading/air waybill 
Registering Your Residence 
Within 2 weeks of occupying your new home, you must register your address with the local registration office. This helps determine your tax obligations, issue ID documents, etc. 
You will need to schedule an appointment and submit: 
● Rental agreement 
● ID proofs like passport, visa 
● Birth certificate 
● For non-EU nationals, the initial residence permit 
Once registered, you get a written confirmation. Notify your registration office if you change addresses in future. Failing to register invites penalties so don’t put this off once you find housing. 
Take advantage of integration programs organised by the German government, universities' international centres, and expat groups to learn the language and culture to settle in faster. 
Our detailed moving guide covers everything you need - from permits to shipping to getting settled. With careful planning and support from our relocation experts, your move to Germany from the UK can be smooth and stress-free. 
Contact us today to kickstart your relocation journey.. 
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