People who are looking for house movers in Preston sometimes ask us if we can carry out local removals at Movers International. This may be because we have “International” in our name, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t move you locally. 
We can and will move you wherever you want to go, whether that is international, national, or just to the next street in Preston. Think about it: apart from customs clearance and ships and planes, and the distance involved, moving house is the same either way. You still have all the same “stuff” to move – just a different distance. So yes, we can certainly carry out house removals in Preston. And, since you ask, it does cost quite a bit less than removals to Australia and New Zealand! 
Preston Is Still Preston 
Indeed, many people who live in Preston stay inside the town because they love it so much. They may need to move to a larger house if they have a growing family, or they may need to move to a smaller one if the kids have fled the nest. But Preston is still Preston. 
There are all sorts of things that we can help you with for house removals in Preston at Movers International. Just to begin with, we can do all your packing for you in order to ensure that your belongings travel safely from your old home to your new one. Certainly, you can pack yourself if you wish, but not only can it be a lot of hassle, but our packers know how to pack everything securely. 
We also have plenty of storage space here at our depot in Red Scar Business Park. It quite often happens that people who are moving have to leave their existing home by a given date, but that their new home is not ready to move into for a couple of weeks for whatever reason. So, if that happens to you, we offer you secure storage at our depot until your new home is ready. The best part? Storage is free for the first four weeks! 
The same thing applies if you are buying new furniture or appliances. You can have your supplier deliver them to us and we’ll keep them here for you. 
So, if you are looking for house movers in Preston, we can do it all, leaving you with a stress-free move. 
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