At Movers International, we are based in Preston, and we are acknowledged as one of the leading international moving companies. If you are moving to the Caribbean, Australia, Canada, the US, anywhere in Europe, Iceland, or anywhere else, our friendly team of movers and packers will get you there without any hassle. We have been moving people around the world for over 30 years. We don’t just move homes either. We can move a single item or your complete business to wherever you need to go. 
While we are known as one of the foremost international moving companies, you don’t have to be moving overseas in order to benefit from our services. We also carry out house removals in Preston as well. Let’s face it: most Preston residents love our great town and as such they may only be moving from one side of the town to the other. 
There can be lots of reasons for this. You may be downsizing because your children have fled the nest. Alternatively, you could be upsizing because you have a growing family and the kids each want their own bedroom where they can sneak off and spend hours playing Minecraft or Call of Duty when they should, in fact, be doing their homework! 
Equally, you could be moving across the county because, perhaps, you have elderly parents and you need to be nearer to them. Or maybe you have spent many years holidaying in Cornwall and now, on reaching retirement age, you want to spend the rest of your days there. No matter, we will take you to wherever you want to go. 
Moving home, while it can be exciting, can also be very stressful. In fact, it is recognised as one of the most stressful things that we ever do. This is because there are just so many things to take care of and to organise, and the list seems never-ending. You need to cancel the milk, the papers, your doctor, let everyone know your new address and phone number, arrange for electricity and gas at your new home before you arrive, maybe buy some new furniture – the list goes on. And on! 
While we cannot help you with a lot of those, we can deal with all your packing and arrange for stress-free house removals in Preston, so that you know that we will arrive on time, load everything up, and deliver it all to your new home in perfect condition on the day. 
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