Moving home is one of the most stressful things that we ever do, but nonetheless the average person in the UK does so every seven years! Certainly, some people live their whole lives in the same home (although not many), but others move more often than every seven years. 
It can be stressful because there are a million and three things that you have to remember to do before you move. Well, OK, not quite that many, but nevertheless a lot. There is enough to do if you are only moving in the UK, but if you are moving abroad there is even more involved, not the least of which may be learning a completely new language before you even set off. It requires a considerable amount of planning. 
At Movers International, we are only too aware of what is involved because we move people every day of the week. It’s what we do. By the way, if you are only moving in the UK we can handle that too. Despite our name, we will cheerfully move you across Preston, across Lancashire, or anywhere else in the UK, including London. 
Of course, as movers and packers for London we can only help you with the physical side of moving home. We can’t cancel your milk deliveries and papers, let your Auntie Stella know your new address, put your dog in kennels until you have set up in your new home, or anything else of that nature. 
As Stress Free As Possible 
But as movers and packers for London, we do promise to make the actual move as stress free as possible. You may even choose to do your own packing, which is fine by us, but we do recommend all of our customers to use our packing services as well. Yes, we have to charge for our time and packing materials, but it is well worthwhile. This is because our packers are professionals, and they know how to pack everything that you may own so that it arrives at your destination in one piece. This is critical if you have objets d’art or any expensive or unique paintings, china, glassware, and so on. 
However, should you choose to do your own packing, we can provide you with suitable packing materials if you wish. 
In addition, if your new home in London is not quite ready to move into, we are happy to provide you with free storage for up to a month in our depot in Preston. If you are buying any new furniture, you can also have that delivered direct to us as well. 
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